Artists work from the Ipswich Borough council collection included in the exhibition Obscure Secure,  Wolsey Art gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, 2014

All art work is  from the collection ( excluding work by Hayley Field, Claudia Bose, Jacqueline Utley). Documentation is by Doug Atfield.


1_Anna Airy_Trinkets_pastel_48x59cm_R1951-200

Anna Airy, Trinkets, pastel, 48 x 59cm, 1951


Ben's jacket

Hayley Field. Ben’s jacket, oil on board, 75 x 76 cm, 2014


4_Utley_obscure_secure (2)

Jacqueline Utley, Hannah,Jean, Ella, oil on linen, 25 x 40cm, 2014


5.Beatrice Ethel Lithiby_portrait of Helen Kiddall_June 1961_oil_19x16cm_R1982-19

Beatrice Ethel Lithiby , Helen D Kidall, Oil on unmounted paper, 19.3 x 15.9cm, 1961



Claudia Böse,  Appearance, oil on assembled canvas and board, 2014


6_Connie Winn_The girl with a yellow hat_oil_36x30cm_R1985-66-2

Connie Winn, The Girl with Yellow Hat, Oil on panel, 36 x 30 cm, c.1973


9_Connie Winn_Thorpeness_watercolour_25x31cm_R1985-66-6

Connie Winn, Thorpeness, watercolour, 25x31cm


10_Effie Spring-Smith_self portrait_oil_47x36cm_R1933-199

Effie Spring-Smith, Self Portrait , oil on canvas, 47 x 36cm, c.1932


11_Eleanor Every_Claydon Pit with cuttings_watercolour_37x53cm_R1936-72-3

Eleanor Every, Claydon Pit with cuttings,watercolour, 37 x 53cm, c.1920


12_New World

Helen Kiddall, New World ,Oil on board, 34 x 24 cm, c.1950-1960


16_Kathleen Walne_girl sitting by fire_watercolour_35x26cm_loan

Kathleen Walne, girl sitting by fire, 1930’s,watercolour, 35x26cm, loan


17_Peggy Somerville_Tall tree and castle_watercolour 1922_23x29cm_R1997-19-2

Peggy Somerville,Tall tree and castle, watercolour , 23x29cm, 1922



Prunella Clough



19_Lucy Harwood

Lucy Harwood ,Glyn Morgan,Oil on canvas,61x 50.5 cm





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