Red Studio Enquiry / Week 3/ Jacqueline Utley


The Red Studio ( Bungalow with attached studio) was built for Mary in 1963. She lived at the Red Studio from 1963 until her death in 1981. It was her most productive time as an artist.

It was an easy space to inhabit,  silence apart from the beautiful birdsong, a studio with a north facing window- i was able to really focus and push forward my thinking in the studio space without the distraction of my normal everyday.

The interior had nothing of Mary’s remaining. I tried to imagine how Mary might have lived and worked in the space.

image1 (1)

Day 4- Extract from log

Colours are absorbing me, the softness of tones and the the light – an exchange takes place between between the  rooms / place / time and my own practice. Find an image of Mary painting as a young women and connect this with my own looking at women working – it begins to make sense- bringing into the future / present and past.



I map my walks

I make collages, visual notes and watercolours.

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