Blog post Five, a-n review meeting with Jennifer Higgie

Our final a-n review bursary meeting took place last month with Jennifer Higgie – it was especially beneficial to for us to get feedback from Jennifer as we had not met her before in any context. Jennifer’s generosity has been invaluable for us, below is a brief overview of some of the feedback from the meeting.

Jennifer gave us her feedback on the Obscure Secure wordpress site and her perception of the project from the material she could find online. She highlighted the need for us to be more explicit about the research we had done and the information we had uncovered and suggested pulling it together so that it could become a resource for others to utilise (and possibly add / contribute to in the future).

She questioned us about the nature of our collaboration and its connection with our individual practice. It was interesting to unpick, with her help, the nature of how working together has fed us and our work, and how working together has been a significant experience for us (each in our different ways) and one we intend on continuing with – also the relevance of bringing our own practice into this exploration of other artists work. Another area of focus was to look at why we have shifted our focus from the women artists in the collection in Ipswich to Mary Potter.


Image: Mary Potter, Exhibition invite from 1939

How lucky are we to have been awarded an a-n review bursary to meet with four amazing women to review, reflect and interrogate our project Obscure Secure and discuss our new project. There are some threads and observations that have emerged in all the meetings on how we can improve and move forward with our new project. The meetings spaced at two month intervals have given us time for thorough review and reflection with time to process these very important review meetings. We have a lot of hard work ahead but we are feeling more confident and very excited.

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This blog post is written collaboratively by Claudia Boese, Hayley Field and Jacqueline Utley and posted by Claudia Boese on a-n blogs.


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