a-n review meeting with Rebecca Fortnum

a-n Review meeting with Rebecca Fortnum- blog post four

We met with Rebecca Fortnum last month as part of our a-n Review bursary meetings. Our meeting  with Rebecca felt very timely as just prior to the meeting we had begun to develop some doubts about the validity of the new project focussing on Mary Potter’s work and it’s relevance to contemporary painting and issues around gender which we are keen to continue to look at. Rebecca’s generosity, knowledge on artists, projects and resources which she shared with us during the meeting has helped us to proceed with more confidence.

During the discussion we talked about the distinctiveness of Mary Potter’s paintings (her use of materials / the whiteness or lightness in some of her work) and why they interested us. Rebecca suggested we all write independently about it in order to begin to articulate and examine our personal interest in it and start to define specifically what pieces stand out for us. This  contemplation / writing is proving to be a very helpful exercise to see how our individual responses connect and resonate with each other and how we may engage a wider audience in the project.


Image: Mary Potter, Foliage, pencil and watercolour

Our next meeting is in the New Year with Jennifer Higgie, writer, curator and editor of Frieze magazine.

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This blog post is written collaboratively by Claudia Boese, Hayley Field and Jacqueline Utley and posted by Claudia Boese on a-n blogs.


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